A home away from home in Lombok, Indonesia

Home away from homeDr. Helena Baird, a volunteer with Chimp-n-Sea partner JARI, a marine protection organisation located in Indonesia, has created a fantastic vEcotour of her beautiful “home away from home”.

“Volunteering in a developing country is more than just the work itself” Helena explains, “it’s an entirely immersive, challenging and uplifting experience. I have almost been in Indonesia for six months now, so thought I’d give you a taste of my “home away from home” here on Lombok. As you’ll see it’s quite beautiful, but it certainly has its quirks…and it couldn’t be more dissimilar to my home in Tasmania!”

We hope that Helena will bring some vEcotours from the good ship Yosina in due course!

So click on the image above or map below to start your tour.  Find out how Helena is adjusting to living in Indonesia and discover the various residents, human and otherwise, with whom she shares her home.

To find out more about JARI, please visit their website www.jari.or.id and Facebook page www.facebook.com/supportingsustainableseas

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