Board of Directors

Mark and Erica  Mark Laxer: Co-founder and President of Chimp-n-Sea. 

Author, storyteller, and chief technology officer at a software corporation, Mark Laxer invented virtual ecotourism (vEcotourism). This interactive, real-time educational system is described in his recently published book, The Monkey Bible: a modern allegory.

saraerica.jpg Dr. Sara Lourie: Co-founder and Secretary of Chimp-n-Sea

Dr. Sara Lourie’s interests lie in natural history, taxonomy, biogeography and conservation. Her current areas of research are taxonomy of seahorses (genus Hippocampus) and their relatives, marine biogeography (especially South East Asia), the application of biogeography to marine conservation planning, and the interrelationships of biodiversity databases and their role in conservation planning.

david.jpeg Dr. David Browne: Treasurer of Chimp-n-Sea

Dr. David Browne works for the Canadian Wildlife Service on national policy for migratory birds and species at risk. He has co-produced a documentary film on community efforts to conserve coral reefs in Indonesia and has focused on the link between urban development and nature conservation. He defended his doctorate (freshwater ecology) at McGill University in February, 2008.

andrew.jpeg Andrew Johnston: Technical Director of Chimp-n-Sea

Author of Earth From Space, Andrew Johnston is a geographer at the Smithsonian Institution’s Center for Earth and Planetary Studies at the National Air and Space Museum. His research includes remote sensing techniques for observing environmental and geophysical processes and he also performs a wide range of education and outreach activities.

elanor.jpg Dr. Elanor Bell: Education Director for Chimp-n-Sea

A lecturer at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, Dr. Elanor Bell conducts research in the field of marine microbial ecology. She has a strong interest in conservation and her research spans polar to tropical aquatic environments, including lakes, sea ice, coastal marine and deep sea systems.

 Board of Advisers

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Dr. Colin Chapman Dr. Lauren Chapman Eric Maring

 Previous Project Directors

Michael Stern and Rebecca Goldstone


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Jan Laxer Steve Kleban Bridget Rohrbough Erin Reardon
gregboat.jpeg Lucinda Lourie
Greg Kramer Lucinda Lourie


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