International Floating Marine Park


One of Chimp-n-Sea’s longer term projects is to create an International Floating Marine Park (IFMP). “What is an IFMP?” I hear you ask. Well, rather than being a single marine protected area (MPA), we envisage a boat that travels the South China Seas (or anywhere else in the world for that matter), leaving MPAs in its wake. It will inspire and empower communities, through music and storytelling, to create their own MPAs and develop meaningful mythologies that help sustain life in the sea for future generations.

The IFMP could also be a base for research, a platform for vEcotours, a catalyst for education, and a hub for cross-cultural exchange between communities that have experience in creating and managing MPAs and those that seek such experience.

We are working in partnership with Yayasan Jari in Lombok, Indonesia to help make the IFMP idea a reality.

Enjoy Idris’s Dance of the Turtle Whisperer . . . Click here.

See some of what they have been working on with school kids here:

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