Take a walk on the rocky side at Green Point, Canada

Green Point, Canada

Chimp-n-Sea project, vEcotourism.org, is continuing to produce informative and immersive virtual tours of wild and wonderful places worldwide. The latest vEcotour features Canada’s Gros Morne park, on the comparatively sheltered Western coast of Newfoundland. A geology lover’s paradise, the area has been designated as a UNESCO natural world heritage site.

From precipitous land-locked fjords to the curiously sterile exposed mantle of the Tablelands formation, this is a wild landscape and one that is home to a unique mixture of boreal, temperate and arctic flora and fauna. Join vEcotourism’s project manager, Jay Ploss, as he takes you on an narrated tour of geological discovery at Green Point, a stretch of wave-battered coast, where you’ll interpret the exposed rock to reveal the continent-shattering secrets of Earth’s distant past.

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To learn more about Gros Morne park and its diverse attractions, visit Parks Canada’s website here.

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