Talking Climate Change from the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

kisu_620Chimp-n-Sea project,, has created a spectacular new vEcotour!

In this tour, join with me, Ian Redmond, to experience the exhilaration of reaching the nearly 6000m Uhuru peak on Mount Kilimanjaro.

I recently took on the epic climb up Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania to showcase the impact of climate change on our natural and cultural heritage sites. Joining my concerned climate colleagues Ian SingletonAndy Steel, and Abbie Barnes, the three of us climbed in aid of Ape Alliance, Born Free Foundation, Wild Futures, Gorilla Organization, The Orangutan Foundation, PATT’s Environmental Education Portal project and the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme.

When I flew over Mount Kilimanjaro in the mid-1980s, the glaciers were far more extensive. To see the difference today was shocking. Glacier retraction seems to lead to reduced precipitation on the mountain, which will not only have an impact locally for those who depend on glacier fed rivers for water but also far more widely as rainfall lessens and the area become more arid.

Climate change will touch us all, every species will be affected. Launch this truly amazing vEcotour, experience the thrill of reaching the top of the world with me and grasp why we must come together to stop climate change.

If you’ve been inspired by Ian’s climb, please donate to his JustGiving page at

The vEcotourism team will be adding new parts to this tour featuring the climb itself and more so do check back!

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