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We are currently working on an exciting Virtual Ecotourism project (invented by Chimp-n-Sea co-founder Mark Laxer) and our blog website has just gone live. You can visit it here

What is Virtual Ecotourism, you may ask?

Briefly, vEcotourism is a tool which aims to stop environmental degradation by connecting the general public to conservation groups and surroundings communities in ecologically sensitive areas. This is done by hosting state of the art on-line virtual tours. The audience can be school groups, families, armchair travellers or conservation professionals, and all virtual ecotourists experience distant locations in real-time, complete with images, sound and an in-the-field tour guide.

vEcotourism expands the benefits and impacts of ecotourism beyond its traditional borders

by bringing it to an entirely new audience without any additional physical impacts on conservation areas. The project has three major components: hosting and showcasing virtual tours to a global audience via the Internet, training local tour guides and providing communities with an alternate livelihood from the tours, and using recorded tours for community outreach with the goal of decreasing environmental degradation.


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